Easy DIY Thrift Upcycling Projects for Spring 2019

Spring is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve been impatiently waiting for that warm weather.

With the seasons changing, not only is it time to start that spring cleaning you’ve been thinking about all winter, it’s the perfect time for DIY Projects!

Personally, I find happiness in being able to turn items that are of no use anymore into new treasures. That’s the beauty of “upcycling.”

These DIY Upcycling Projects are guaranteed to impress!

DIY Concrete Pillow Stepping Stones

By Dishfunctional Design

DIY Miniature Stone Fairy House

By Fab Art DIY

DIY Soup Can Cookie Cutter

By Instructables.com


By Making Joy and Pretty Things

DIY Weathered Tray

By Artsy Chicks Rule

DIY Sticks and Twigs Flower Pot

By DIY & Crafts

DIY Stone & Pebble Flower Pot

By DIY & Crafts

DIY Cabinet Serving Tray

By The Cottage Market

DIY Tea Kettle Light

By I Like That Lamp

Old Rake Wine Glass Holder

By Involvery.com

DIY Drawer to Cabinet

By My Repurposed Life

Crafting and projects are a lot fun, but it’s even better when you can turn trash to treasure!

Happy Upcycling!

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